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ENGL102 Grades Submitted

I was a bit slower than usual grading given everything I have going on, but just submitted final grades. Email me if you would like a breakdown of your score.

ENGL102 Update

I'm sorry, but I have had to cancel the last day of classes after losing my father yesterday evening. Final projects and optional revision memos can be dropped off in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences offices on the second floor of the Instructional Building. 

I should still have projects graded on the same schedule I announced yesterday, and I will post and update here when they are available.

ENGL102 - Tomorrow is the Last Day!

We won't be using all of class time tomorrow, so I am planning to start the early class a little late at 9:30am. The later class will start at the usual time, but we will wrap up early. We will do some reflection activities that will help you write your Reflective Commentary (assignment copied below), you will hand in your research project (final printed draft only - no folder, rough drafts, or peer review), and I will hand out course evaluations.

ENGL102 - Homework for Wednesday

I will be introducing the Reflective Commentary at the beginning of class tomorrow, so please arrive on time. We will then do peer review on your abstract and any other part of your research project that you want - I will try to pair you with a writer that has roughly the same amount to review. Abstract is required, but bringing other pieces for review is highly encouraged.

ENGL102 - Homework for Tuesday

Before I get into what I want you to bring tomorrow, a few reminders that have been proving helpful in conferences and after-class conversations:
- You are not writing a research paper. You are engaging a research process and then reporting on what you find.

ENGL102 - Homework for Monday

For Monday, please annotate TWO of your sources. Bring in both the annotations and the sources themselves (just the first few pages is fine for longer articles). If you haven't gotten six sources by that time, you might not have a complete reflection, but do your best. As reminders, as I am often being asked questions covered in the handouts:
MLA Annotated Bibliography Format
Abstracts and How to Write Them

Sample Revision Memo

Here is an example from a previous class (an ENGL101 section) of a revision memo that received the full five points:

ENGL102 - Homework for Thursday

Your synthesis essay is due tomorrow. Please submit you final draft, rough draft, and peer review in a folder. 

I have reserved the computer lab in the third floor of the library for research tomorrow - please plan to meet there for class. This will be your only opportunity to submit your synthesis essay and have it considered on time.

ENGL102 - Homework for Tuesday

First, two reminders: I am extending the synthesis final due date to Thursday of this week, andd I will allow you to use ONE class reading as one of your six required sources for the research project.

Keep working on your synthesis essay. Email me your research question if you haven't already. And make sure you have your NetID already set up before tomorrow's ressearch orientation.

Short Films and Short Story Resources

Here is the site I drew our dystopian shorts from - a lot of great films, all of which count as primary sources:

If you want to use another story from Brave New Worlds, here is my list of our unread stories and what themes I see present (almost complete):

“Red Card” – law enforcement, sacrifice for common good, ethical dilemma, gender/sexuality

“Ten with a Flag” - law enforcement, sacrifice for common good, ethical dilemma, gender/sexuality, family

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