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Before coming to North Seattle College, I spent over two decades as a freelance writer and communications professional with a focus on non-profits and arts marketing, engaged in writing projects as diverse as sketch comedy and instructional manuals, feature articles and press releases. Both my writing philosophy and pedagogy are rooted in the concept of purpose, beginning each writing project with an understanding of its specific function and audience, and I hope to encourage each student to find and develop his or her own writing process.

I joined the NSC community in Spring 2012 as a tutor in the Writing Center (then called the Loft, now called Page One), and fell in love with the diverse perspectives and engaged students on this campus. I became PT Faculty in Fall 2012 and FT in Fall 2016, and feel very much at home on this campus.

There are some things you should know about me if you are a prospective student. I talk very quickly - I am working on it, but this is not likely to change. My classes are challenging, but I also try to provide a path to the grade you want, provided you are willing to work hard for it. I have a zero tolerance policy for plagiarism - I will seek it out and punish it to the full extent allowed by school policy. Students have tended to describe me as strict but fun, demanding but supportive, and opinionated but flexible.

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